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Boxes and more boxes….

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Green old England

My house contents are slowly finding their way into boxes.  It is oddly liberating to see the things I have worked for, spent money on and cherished for years being “locked” away in their cardboard homes, taken to charity shops, put outside the house or taken to the “dump”, now more delicately called the Civic Amenity Site.  I find it rather amusing that once you dump your stuff there it no longer belongs to you and you are no longer allowed to remove it!  I once tried to take an old scooter only to be told I was stealing and the police would be called.  Anyway, I digress…  Boxes are packed, house is bare except from the bare essentials and the one remaining cat who seems happier the other cats are no longer here.  I for one, miss their furry presence and am wondering what sort of furry or buggy friends I may acquire in Tanzania.  It is peculiar the things that I think I will miss.  I think about the verdant hills and the lush green forests, tea bags, the food choice but above all friends.

Goodbyes have been sad but mostly fun.  Some pics:

WP_20140721_003 WP_20140726_002 WP_20140726_006 WP_20140723_007

Today is the day we move out and the last three weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster of emotions.  Saying goodbye to people is no fun, plenty of tears and hugs and nice meals.  Everything seems to make burst into tears, a kind word, a nice card, a hug….  The excitement of a new place, of new opportunities, adventures, a new language, unknown foods and roads give me butterflies.  What new insects will I see?  Where will I visit?  Who will I meet?  Can’t wait!!!  But them this sadness and heaviness of leaving the familiar, the nice family home which is now no longer “ours”, rehoming the cats, selling belongings…  Like being on a seesaw, up and down, up and down.  This time next week, internet permitting, I shall be sat on my hammock chair writing about the new place.

Now for the final push of packing, cleaning, painting…


What a mess!


More mess!



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