Gallavanting in Tanzania!

3 Responses to “Gallavanting in Tanzania!”

  1. rachel gardner

    Loved reading your blog Steph & family and what wonderful photos 😁 xx


  2. Marilyn

    Fantastic Stephanie, so nice to hear about your family adventure. Lots of people leaving CIN Team and lots of new SW’s goes from bad to worse ! Still no news about these 10 pods they are thinking about ! Take care and look forward to your next adventure ! Take care Love M x


    • lisbonchick

      Have been thinking about you! How are you? Should I not ask about work? I heard there were quite a few SWs off sick but did not know people were leaving. Anyone I know?

      How is your family? All is well here. I am enjoying being here and can not imagine coming back although I do miss friends and feel homesick at times. My work is good, colleagues are lovely and I feel relaxed and appreciated. So all in all, it is good!




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