It’s the final countdown…

As April comes to an end we are faced with our impending departure.  Time is flying fast and the end seems near.  I know it sounds a little extreme but the end of our adventure in Tanzania is bitter sweet, a love/hate relationship, a roller-coaster of extreme emotions. Today we may feel like we can not wait to leave whilst tomorrow we can not imagine not being here.

Tanzania has been a country of extremes for us.  The natural beauty is astounding and awe inspiring.  The country is magnificent, the views that go on forever and the sheer amount of space.  Nature is simply breathtaking, the variety of animals big and small, the trees, flowers, rivers, mountains…  I have fallen in love with elephants, incredibly beautiful and on the brink of extinction should poaching continue at the current rate.  The cities are not attractive, they look chaotic at first until we learn to navigate this different world which is at times overwhelming.  The people are friendly and helpful but not always trustworthy. Their wide smiles and welcoming friendliness are warming and remind me that there is still humanity in this world.  On another hand, I have seen plenty of cruelty here, against humans and animals which has left me bereft.  So from one thing to another, day by day, loving the place, getting mad with people’s apathy, missing food and the Saturday Guardian…

The most amazing thing has, of course, been the animals!  I have posted plenty of photos but here are the latest ones from Tarangire, Maramboi, Lake Manyara, Simba Farm and Mkomazi.



Up and very close to baby elephant


Are you looking at me?



Scary eyes!



Saddle billed stork



Dik Dik


Spot the bird



Baboon meditating



Leopard tortoise


Lilac breasted roller


Love birds



Big horse, small horse


Pelicans and flamingos



Never seen sitting giraffes….



Sun bird


Our resident garden owl!

Being close to nature has been truly amazing.  Nature here is raw, untouched, wild, unsophisticated.  It has made me realize its beauty and how truly spectacular it is.  I have developed a love of elephants.  They are no longer animals I saw in the circus as a little girl which now I know is cruel and causes so much suffering.  They are beautiful, majestic, clever, gentle and are being killed on a daily basis.  Let’s all try to do something towards keeping this ecosystem and its animals!  It would be extremely sad if our grandchildren will no longer be able to see an elephant in the wild, or any other animal….

The most amazing thing has no doubt been to camp in the wild with the animals.  I wish we could have done it more!  Camping in the Serengeti, we had hyenas and leopards walking around the tent.  In Tarangire, there were lions grunting close by through the night and impalas and giraffes were by the tent in the morning.  In Ruaha, the elephants walked slowly by and the hippos wallowed in the river below.  It has been magnificent!



3 Responses to “It’s the final countdown…”

  1. Sheila Foreman

    What a fantastic experience – one that I am sure will stay with all of you for a very long time.


  2. Birgit

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures and your adventures off the beaten track as well as your experiences and observations in everyday life with its often unexpected, annoying, funny and unexplainable situations you can find yourself in here.
    I hope you keep on going with your blog from Bangkok.



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